I first ventured to Patagonia in 2001 while working on a conservation project protecting the South Andean Deer, on the brink of extinction. These beautiful animals can be seen in Patagonia and on the Chilean national emblem. Upon arriving, I fell in love with this magical place because of its scenery, the people, the harsh weather, and immense nature.

I lived in Torres del Paine National Park working as a guide and met my husband here, who also shares the same admiration for this area. We began our family here, and that has really cemented our connection to this magnificent place. Our knowledge and love for Patagonia allow us to help many people plan their trip. With our help, visitors can visit places which they may have otherwise never experienced traveling without a guide. And so, that is why we decided to start WildChile — to assist all those wishing to visit this remote land.


Agronomic Engineer from the Universidad Católica. She is passionate about wild animals. With 15 years of tourism experience, she worked as a tour guide in San Pedro de Atacama and Torres del Paine, field assistant for BBC London in Pan de Azúcar, and Teacher Assistant in Tamango National Reserve for Sierra Institute University.


Max is passionate about travel and surf. He worked as the General Manager of the lodging in one of the most famous trails in South America,the W circuit in Torres del Paine National park. He is actually the manager of Hotel explora in San Pedro de Atacama.

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