Huilo Huilo: A Protected Biological Nature Reserve

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Tantauco Park: the Most Remote Part of Chiloe

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Located 400 kilometers south of Santiago, we enter a new world here in the South of Chile. We will be surrounded by rivers, lakes, volcanoes, araucarias, Nothofagus, and wild animals.

You can trek exploring more than 30 natural reserves and national parks, practise an aquatic sport in rivers or lakes such as kayaking, rafting or boat rides. Enjoy a day of fishing or soaking in a thermal pool under a starry sky in the middle of Mother Nature. In summer, bathe in the various lakes, and during winter go out skiing between the araucarias (monkey puzzle) and native trees. And for the more adventurous ones, climb to the peak of volcanoes and various other action-packed activities. Find yourself anywhere from sophisticated hotels to fully-equipped campsites, ecolodges, and family-owned hostels.

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